17 Reasons You Don’t Use Marketing To Grow Your Convenience Store Sales & Customer Counts.

1. You don’t know how to begin.

2. You don’t understand modern retail marketing concepts and tactics.

3. You don’t want to.

4. You don’t think it’s needed.

5. You think it’s a waste of money.

6. You think it’s an expense.

7. You think it cannot be measured. ROI.

8. You have nothing to market.

9. Your stores are not different than your competitors.

10. Your stores are worse than your competitors.

11. You are waiting for the next Magical Product to be available to save you

12. You don’t think you are creative.

13. You don’t have anyone to help you do it.

14. You think your competitors’ marketing is way ahead of you, so you think ‘what’s the use?’

15. You’ve never held a basic marketing plan in your hands.

16. You believe cokes and smokes will still get customers in your store.

17. You think Amazon, AmazonGo, and Dollar stores selling gas are a passing fad.

Here’s the truth.

Some of the most successful retailers today started as one store many years ago.

What they initiated that you haven’t YET is they worked EVERY DAY to create new value for customers, differentiated that new value, and THEN communicated it to customers with marketing.

Then customers responded by trying out this new value. They came to the stores and bought stuff.

They loved it, and did I again and again.

Even in the convenience store space, the big players of today were ALL smaller players years ago.

The one theme you’ll see time and time again is the work they did to create new value, differentiate it, then market it.

It works every time it’s honestly tried.

And you can do it too. You simply have to start, today. And do it with the resources you have at hand and can afford.

As your marketing gains traction and sales success, you’ll gather more steam and resources and momentum.

That’s when it gets fun, you start to really compete (even against the big boys) and even start to kick a little convenience store ass.

When I wrote the marketing and promotional plans for Sheetz when I worked at an ad agency for them, (1993-2000) I created and implemented my own set of 25 marketing tactics that helped catapult their growth.

In my recently published Marketing Manifesto For Convenience Stores, I outline them for any convenience store retailer to use, whether you have 5 stores, or 155.

Email for a FREE copy. It’ll change your business life. I guarantee it.

And one final thought for those of you non-believers who think it’s still too late to begin your own marketing program:

Q: ”When is the best time to plant at tree?”

A: “20 years ago…and today”

Start now. Create new value now. Market now.

Plant your tree. Light your fuse.

Tim Lazor, President.


WEB: www.conveniencemarketing.net

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