On Your Media Budgets…

At Lazor Yost, Greg and I tell Clients all the time:

All media work. They all have strengths and weaknesses. But they all work. And note well: You have to do ENOUGH media, i.e. buy and achieve a level of media reach and frequency to break through the sludge of message and media clutter.

If you do that, you’ll actually be teaching your potential customers with repetition. and they will respond to your marketing message.

It works. There’s no secret formula to achieving success.

And if you can’t afford the minimum amount of media to break through right now?

Save your budget until you can afford it.

Or simply drop those monies to your bottom line.

Or find other creative ways to initiate your message to customers.

That’s smart business…

…and very smart marketing.

Tim Lazor, President


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